Testimonial Collette Newnham

“The experience was surprisingly wonderful, because we didn’t expect the result that we achieved in such a short space of time and with a minimum of fuss.

I think it was only 11 or 12 days and we had a firm contract on our house that we were ecstatic about.

You explained the best way to go about marketing the property, you had the research to support what you were saying to us which was in important we needed to see that in writing as well. It can be so confusing, its not what you deal with day to day you made it really simple and you outlined the procedures you would go through and always kept us informed as to what was happening as regard to how many hits we had had on the internet, the reports of what people were saying.. it was good to be “involved” in the whole process.

I would have no hesitation is recommending Glen and Dimity to anyone who was looking to sell their property, their just, they literally go above and beyond any other real estate agent I have come a cross.”

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