Testimonial Julie Gray

“Hi, My name is Julie and I want to talk to you about why you should use Glen & Dimity to sell your home.

I have known Glen and Dimity for nearly Ten years now and I met them through a friend of mine, they were absolutely my first and only choice when my husband and I decided to embark on a new adventure that meant we needed to sell our lovely home.

We asked them to come and visit us, have a look at the house and make suggestions to what needed to be done, they suggested we replace our carpets and so we did that, they helped us with the styling and they talked about how to set up the home to present it well to the market, so the advice was invaluable and we did everything that they said, I just knew that it was the right way to go. They came and helped us when you know we were, we needed the help the day before the amasing photo’s where taken, the photo’s looked great, where so happy with Richard and his photo’s and so it went to market, it all happened relatively quickly.

I thought that was quick, quick was when they sold it at the first open home, so we had a lot of groups through on the day and two people that we had a mutli offer situation, there were two people going to contract on the same day. It was so exciting we had never been in a situation like that before and so we were spoilt for choice and we sold it over the list price and it just mean’s that is just that extra bit of nice that gets us onto our new adventure, it’s absolutely wonderful. The negotiation that Glen shows between him and the buyer and talking to us and keeping us in the loop and making sure everybody was happy and that there was a great outcome for everybody was just absolutely fantastic.
I cant recommend them higher, its just, its wonderful and we can now do on and enjoy the next stage of our lives.”

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