Testimonial Mark Watson

“We found Glen and Dimity exceptional from the get go and that’s why we decided to go with them.

Being a single male in a house on my own I had absolutely no idea how to set up a house for sale and I said to Dimity go ahead whatever you would like to buy, buy it. She gave me a little budget, went out and did all the shopping and just completely turned my house around and made it look amasing.

I guess the stand out feature the Glen and Dimity provided to me was their availability to me. If I needed anything I could ring them at any time and they were there to help. When I cleaned the house out and had a bunch of rubbish to take to the dump and I had no way of getting it there Glen showed up with a trailer.

When I was away on camp and I knew the house was going to look a bit rough the yard got mowed the house got cleaned, things like that where just, I never expected a real estate agent to do that type of thing as part of their service. It was that sort of thing that I just went wow I was so happy we made the decision to go with Glen and Dimity.

I would have no hesitation is recommending Glen and Dimity to anyone who was looking to sell their property, their just, they literally go above and beyond any other real estate agent I have come a cross.”

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