Glen Stevens


Director/Working Principal

Real Estate Experience

10 years servicing Redland City and South East Brisbane.

Previous Experience

Glen has a long experience working in the new technology sector and was involved in several start up technologies before entering his Real Estate career. During his time working in these businesses he filled the following roles.

  • Research and Development
  • Production Manager
  • Contracts Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • General Manager

Other Business Interests

Glen is Director and one of the inventors of the Ninja Message technology, a marketing technology now used throughout Australia.

A full list of Glen's business interests can be found on his LinkedIn profile below.

Other Interests

When time permits Glen loves spending times with his two Children and partner Dimity.

He is a keen fisherman and is most relaxed when on the water.

Hailing originally from North Queensland Glen has renewed his interest in rainforests and the natural environment and recently taken up bush walking and hiking. He and Dimity have recently been exploring the Great Walks of QLD. More information about these walks can be found here. Great Walks