Why SELL with Cream Property

We understand that you want the best possible price for your property in the shortest possible time.

But isn’t that what every agent promises you?

FACT: 90% of Sellers who interview multiple agents choose Cream Property.

When we asked why, here were the most common reasons.
Deep down you know when someone is being straight with you, our advice, trust your gut.

If you feel that the agent you are interviewing is just giving you polished scripts and dialogues then that is what you will get throughout your sale which won’t build trust.

Is that what you want from your agent?

You will never hear us utter a script or dialogue as our sales approach is based on trust with both our sellers and buyers. We promise we will always be 100% honest with you and give you all the information regarding your property so you can make an informed decision.
Everyone's situation is different and we care about what it is that you are trying to achieve.

The first thing we do is listen.

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve?

Sometimes the circumstances can be happy, other times difficult. Rest assured however that whatever your situation we have the experience to help you. Our first step is to holistically assess your situation to see what services you may require and then give you advice on how you can best achieve your goals.
We have been doing this for a long time so we have most likely dealt with your situation before.

It’s your choice.

In an industry where the entry requirements are virtually non-existent and the big players have a constant revolving door policy you have to decide what level of experience you want your agent to have.

Yes, enthusiasm is great but working with an agent who has stood the test of time could make you tens of thousands extra on your sale. With an experienced agent, when things happen, they will have dealt with it before and can calmly deal with the situation instead of panicking as to what to do next.
We give a clear indication of price on the day GUARANTEED!

Sellers tell us they are amazing that agents turn up to an appraisal and can’t indicate a price there and then. To be honest those agents either haven’t prepared sufficiently, don’t have the experience or lack the confidence to appraise a property on the day. They also may just be being dishonest with you and don’t want to tell you their opinion until after you have signed.

We believe you need to know all the facts so you can make an informed decision. A Cream Property agent will have taken the time to prepare before the appraisal and will give you a market opinion price at the appraisal, GUARANTEED!
Our sellers love it when we achieve a price they didn't expect to achieve or were told they wouldn't get by another agent.

We have achieved many record sale prices across many different locations. For this reason, we have built a reputation for consistently achieving the highest prices possible against comparable properties sold.

It's not by accident.

These high prices are not achieved by random chance rather by the methods we employ and the strong trust based negotiation policies which our agents strictly adhere too.
Why have fast food when you can have fine dining for LESS!

Nowadays it is easy to get a cookie cutter experience. "Mr Seller would you like the Gold or Platinum marketing package". Most larger franchises are moving to make your experience more and more homogenised with the result being that your marketing will look just like everyone else’s.

At Cream Property we recognise that not everyone wants a "fast food" experience. Our clients want choice AND our clients only want to pay for advertising which promotes their property NOT their agent.

Cream Property has invested heavily into its own systems for communication and online marketing which gives its sellers a competitive advantage.
"We understand it can be confusing.

That is why we are happy to show you as much information as we can so you can make an informed decision if Cream Property is right for you."